An Abstract Music

I was going to title this an abstract musing but I ended up titling it An Abstract Music (due to typoe) …but sometimes the mistakes are where the arts gain ‘their’ power. Their as in the muses, the artifice devices of the mind. Deep in the collective unconsciousness of man lives that spark, that very desire to connect that when frustrated causes him to cave in on his very being and to wonder what it really truly is to be. To be or not to that really the question or is the insatiable lust for man to know whether he has the right to distinguish between that which is dead or that which lives a pompous reality? Living starkly in contrast to the noetic consciousness of much of nature which is a simple being.. I, saw a star rise in my heart elevated into the darkness of space and I feared that it would become a black hole and fade into space…and though I saw all the other  beautiful stars in the heavens I knew this was one that saved my life. I made a wish upon this star that it was actually a comet and that it would circle back to meet me one day. I feared my weakness. I feared my power. I am a son of God. (Check out my friends Future Spas page on Facebook) 😉


By dillonbroxson

Blogger, skateboarder, artist/musician, recycler, fingerboarder and pirate. Need I say more?

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