Dill-Picker’s Corner

DillsPicker’s-Corner is the name of my online store experience!

Not only is Dill-Pickers Corner a place to find unique retro gadgets, art and collectibles but it is also an online E-commerce cooperative.

Here as I update you can find everything from Retro video games, collectible VHS tapes and DVD’s, Vinyl Records, Collectible toys, trinkets, gadgets and more!

I will also be doing consignment that includes local artists and artisans, E-commerce initiatives for Brick and Mortar shops as well as connection to Industrial products and salvage.

Raised by two avid antiquers I have come to appreciate products not only for their utilitarian value but also for the unique stories different items tell.

In this Dill-Picker’s ‘Corner store’ section I will be bringing many unique stories on special unique products up for sell ‘including’ various personal art, music and self published writings.

So stay tuned “You Never Know What You’ll Find At Dill-Picker’s Corner!”


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