The Opus Fibonacci Project

A community of living stones both local and universal in scope, big and small, human and Divine. The Opus Fibonacci Project is a process project of art, community, activism, education and meditation couched within the Catholic Worker tradition. We want to change the world.. one seed and one stone at a time.

In this section you will find nonprofit and world changing endeavors going on around the world and in our local community.

For our first article..An Interview with Ntege Nasser founder of Tabasamu Light of Hope Uganda.

Hi there what is your name?

Ntege Nasser

What inspired you to start Tabasamu Light of Hope Uganda?

I lived the orphanage life since my childhood on the street without anyone helping…so I know all about the pain of being poor, needy, on the street, as an orphan and the situation for HIV AIDS Born children without anyone helping them…So this inspired me since my childhood ..I grow my orphanage with the spirit of helping the children as I am an orphan too from the age of five years.

What is your mission at Tabasamu and how does your ministry work?

Our mission is to help children grow spiritually and meet there life goals and vision.
To eventually help more than 1000 children.
To help build the children a permanent home.
To build a hospital.
To build a school.
To build churches.

How many children do you currently care for at Tabasamu again?

We have now 42 children.

Is this ministry credentialed?

Yes. It’s a community based organization.

How might someone in the states or worldwide assist in Tabasamus mission? Are there any international members of your ministry?

Yes we do have very many international members

Is your ministry undergoing any specific needs that the readers can help?

Yes we pray to meet the following mission of these projects:

1: Children’s orphanage home as per now we are renting.
2: School project as educating children here is very expensive and we can’t educate as many children as we want due to limited sources. Our goal is to provide formal education for more than 500 children …I know when we build both primary and secondary levels we can make it in Jesus name!

3: Health project..As it is in our plans to build a hospital to benefit the community with free health services… Many mother’s die here in Uganda every day in hospital due to poverty which lead to rampant orphans.
4:Land ..we aim to have land to grow food and other agriculture activities like poultry
5 : Churches.

• • •

Continuing on and said simply yes we have very many ongoing needs like rent, food, medical bills, electricity, water, and other needs include shoes, clothes, beds, mattresses, and blankets.

What is the ministries current monthly financial goal for operating?

Our monthly budget is 3500 USD
Medical :$600
Washing and bathing soap:$100

Ntege Nasser thank you for your time and thank you for all you are doing to impact lives in your community. If someone wanted to help where can they donate to help Tabasamu Light of Hope Uganda?

They can donate at or .

It was a real pleasure interviewing you Ntege! May God richly bless your endeavors as you reach out to these children. Thank you for all you are doing to make an impact.

{Interview Ends}

This has been an interview with James Broxson of the Opus Fibonacci Project and Ntege Nasser. Stay tuned for more updates from Ntege and other positive works happening both locally and worldwide!

Tabasamu light of hope Uganda.
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