Emily’s Knitting Looms

Emily Peebles is a very talented individual.

Besides being a very amazing person and a talented and card carrying thespian actress/ entertainer she also makes amazingly warm and cozy, comfy beanies for the whole family!

If you get a hat for your little one then you can call them a beanie baby! 🙂

Here are some of her products that can be purchased here directly!


Matching Valentines Beanies.

Red and Pink beanie set make a fun way to show you're a couple in love. Shipping is at a flat rate.



Winnie Themed Matching Scarf and Beanie… you know you want to bother!

Winnie Themed Scarf and Beanie.

We are sure come this winter that you will love ‘to bother’ with this wonderful themed scarf and beanie set. Shipping is at flat rate.



Brown And Blue for the Crew.

Brown and Blue for the Crew adult beanie.

All of our adult beanies are soft and comfy to wear. But comfort doesn’t mean you sacrifice style. That’s why we have brown n blue for the crew! This hat has a brown and blue design with a yellow cap on top. Different size customization available on request for commission. 🙂 Shipping is at a flat rate.


Baby Hat’s Various Color Schemes!

Baby beanies of various different colors!

We have all sorts of color schemes to choose from so your littlest one can be rockin with style! Please leave a message description of what color scheme you desire! 8$ each! Flat rate shipping.


Rasta Kid Hat’s!


A cool hat for the mellow kid in your bunch! This hat will bring the positive vibes!

Rasta Kids Hat!

A Rasta kid hat to spread the positive vibes! Give to the mellow kid in your family or offer it to the rambunctious rude boy as an encouragement to chill. 🙂


These ‘House Hats’ can show your loyalty!

What better way to show your desire for academic excellence at wizard school then with these 3 House themed color schemes! Choose from your favorite color or choose em all for you and your fellow fans!


Shipping is Flat rate.






More updates to come! Stay Tuned and glad you visited! For any more enquiries message me at shastat78@gmail.com