GetUpside Review: Work From Home Nerding. #1

My GetUpside review.

If you listen to the radio or streaming sites you may have heard some commercials about ‘GetUpside’.

I have to say from my personal standpoint it is not every day that you stumble on cashback ‘side hustles’ that are relatively ‘side hassle’ free.

As a person whose been interested in freelance work online since I was setting up dial up internet and AOL CD Roms on our home PC when I was 13 I have always been interested in finding survey sites, gp2 {Get Paid To} offer sites, freelance, side hustles, cash back, self employed work and work from home gigs.

Since Getupside has been one of the newest ones I’ve experienced in my veritable smorgasbord catalogue of websites and apps that I’ve tried or still dedicatedly use I’m dedicating my first review to it.

I’ve only currently had Getupside for a few months and I must admit it’s been worth it with many pros and very few cons!

First things first what Is Getupside?

GetUpside is a cash back app that allows you to get cash back on gas receipts or gas purchases with a connected credit or debit card.

(Note when using GetUpside you need to use a card ‘whether connected to the app or not’ when making your gas purchase. If it’s a connected card account you’ll choose that card after checking in at the location that GetUpside has an offer at and cash back will automatically post to your account after a few days. If its not a connected card you’ll need to submit a receipt. PS. Additional pro tip.. ALWAYS get your receipt just in case the app has a glitch due to data connectivity issues or whatever and you’ll still be able to upload a receipt retroactively if a connected card purchase didn’t seem to register. )

In the past few months I’ve already gained over 30 dollars on GetUpside and with gas prices rising there is no better time to get in on the savings! I’ve also used my Amazon rewards card and gained points there too!

The pros are a very simple and user friendly interface with relatively low technical issues on average and a good selection of cash out options from everything to gift cards to PayPal. In some areas they even offer cash back for things other than gas as well!

The app is great so I offer these relatively few cons: First every once in a blue moon you may experience connectivity issues or perhaps a location you are used to using the app at might not offer cash back with GetUpside every day. The best way around this is always to check before you’re on your way to check which stations in your area have GetUpside promotions that day and to claim the offer at the area your going to and then check in when your at that GPS location later!

GetUpside is an even more enhanced experience for your finances if you couple it with a cashback credit card like I said earlier or even the particular rewards program of the gas station that you fill up at!

GetUpside also offers a referral perk. For instance if you were to sign up with my link below you and I would get a bonus from your signing up and using the app (and I would greatly appreciate it because it helps me spend more time on these reviews etc!)

If you would like to try GetUpside check them out via my link below and start saving mula today!

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Thanks for reading, Dillon Broxson from Dillspickers Corner!

If you enjoyed reading this review and are interested in more Work from Home Nerding then nerd out with me! More is on the way! Stay Tuned!