About: James Dillon Broxson, the Picture Frame Conversationalist.

“Filmless Superstar” James DIllon Broxson

James Dillon Broxson born and raised in Alabama likes dark bold letters because why not? But seriously they really are much better right?! James is a father of one beautiful baby girl named Eliza born in 2020 and married to an amazing lady from Venezuela named Carolina. He loves and writes crazy music, and loves and makes outsider art, as well as loves learning deeper understanding of other cultures and the beauty in them. Dillon is interested in the beauty of art and culture to spread deeper acceptance of ones unique and beautiful neuro-divergences.

Dillon will share much of his art some as gratis sharings and some premium content for subscribers; First to entry on Writing Projects, ‘Comics’, new musical works as well as links to work from home tips and tricks, links to my online store and of course my regular blog content. Stay tuned very much more is to come!

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