Cookin with The Captain!

Ahoy there swabs! I want ye to know that I not only enjoy cooking I also enjoy bein the Cap’n!

I’ll be doing some videos and recipe articles as a normal ‘landlubber’ but just to warn you sometimes my thirst for the ye ole High C’s cannot be quenched and ye and yers will be in fer a feast from the Cap’ns quarters!

So consider this our first installment, our first ye ole episode and that with many mer to come Yarrrr!

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(Trigger Warning: To vegetarian friends. I respect you, your ideas and your existence. Some of the videos or items present in my “Cookin With The Captain” series may contain animal products. I have been back and forth in my life on this issue but I offer this little tangent so that if you wish not to see it you may forgoe it altogether. I understand this is a passionate issue for many and I do often wonder about returning to that lifestyle.)