{To Blog Or Not To Blog?} that is the question.

I heard it once said that if I am a Christian I ought to be like a lemon and when life truly squeezes me only Jesus should come out.

I guess I’m glad I don’t believe God’s acceptance of me is only relegated to my performance because sometimes I have been a real dunce! Good parents run to their children when they cry and often times it is when a child feels they have sucked the most that they are most in need of their parents encouragement. My relationship with my Father God resonates with that feeling for sure.

Years ago I started blogging before Justin Timberlake stole them (Myspace).

I wrote my way through and out of some of the biggest challenges of my life.

I also began prayer journaling while in massage therapy school sometime back in 2009 and I still believe that that has been a deep place of healing in my personal life that has helped me collect my thoughts and be the most authentic version of me that I believe I truly am.

Blogging is healthy to me and I believe I should do it too because it is much like journaling but shared with you too!

I even believe I could be good at it!

I’m wanting to take this journey and perhaps even make this the beginning of my writing and more active public content generation campaign.

I have always wanted to solely work online and the 2020 pandemic might be making this an official full time reality and even necessity;

I want to invite readers to express their thoughts in the comment section.

Would you like to hear about my crazy life; a life I’ve attempted to live very well?

I have had many crazy adventures and many deep effective spiritual experiences. On “Musings of A Picture Frame Conversationalist” that is what I am planning to cover… everything from life and love, neuro-divergent self advocacy, music and art, mysticism, work from home tips and tricks, links to some of my own online work and artistic projects and of course just good ole fashioned fun!

P.S. I am considering either starting a Patreon or some other means to gauge interest and raise funds to officially start a fully operational fully monetized blog and to help fund ongoing projects so I can share from the depths uninhibited.

If you would like to support my quest to officially become a full fledged blogger / online nerd entrepreneur I am trying to raise around 4 to 500$ to get my first premium year of WordPress payed off and a few other protools expenses to bring new content on a regular basis.

I don’t know why this has taken so long for me to attempt to do but I feel it is worth it. I have decided Pandemic or not that this 2020 I am going to do my best to grow in personal healing and wholeness and to spread the message of my life, what God’s teaching me in it and to share on all the weird stuff I like.

If you wish to support immediately I will be gifting bandcamp album promo codes personally to anyone who gifts 7$ or more to my paypal at . If you are making a contribution please let me know in the comments below! Let me know what you think!

Thank you…from the “Picture Frame Coversationalist.”


When young you reasoned young.

I’m not old. I’m not young.

I am learning.

Processing down the aisle of life and seeking to love to live in an affection for the Ultimate and the True, unfettered by self conscious indulgence.

I am not better.

I am the same.

I am not backsliding.

I am myself.

I slide forward where I can find a Liberty Mirror.

I don’t base my progress on mere externalizations.

Such efforts are against the processes.


Sound Bite Inequality.

We live in a day and age within which the zeitgeist is a self elational reliance on soundbites.

With each new acceptable prejudice those who do not hold to old prejudices are condemned as if they do.

The rich are condemned by the poor (even if they follow the gospel and help the poor).

And the the poor are condemned by the rich as wasting away in the despair of self-dissipation. (even if they work hard and follow ‘conservative’ prudence)

In the end all of this is vanity.

The black condemn the white as if all the white are the same.

The white condemn the black as if all the black are the same.

This is sound-bite inequality. It is not retained through originality of thought as if it were some hip libertarian proposal (equally farcical in it’s straining to be original).

The desert of modern man is to search for a thought of his own mind or of a mind that has found itself alone yet visible.

Conversation isn’t happening because the liberals are over ‘that’.

Change isn’t happening because conservatives and libertarians like their liberties..whatever that means.

“You are all sinners!” says Christ “AND YOU CAN’T SEE IT!”

None of you are better than the other but none of you looks at his brother as better than himself.

Race causes variance because the ‘old school’s’ are skeptical of science which says that the human race is one and that ethnic variety doesn’t change the uni-vocal DNA profile.

I have mentally disowned myself from society or as St. Benedict said “I have become a stranger to worldly ways.”

“I am for peace and they are for fighting.” say’s the Prophet.

“All day long I have reached out my hands to a cantankerous and wayward people.”



How to survive shipwrecks.

I don’t know about you.. but sometimes life is plain hard.

It doesn’t matter what you do..

or what you don’t do. A fish on a deck can flop around alot without getting any where. “Sometimes it’s just a matter of time before we fall back into the water.”.. we say to ourselves with meager hope.

I don’t know about you… but in my life sadness doesn’t come at opportune moments. It doesn’t come when there are people around to console.

It doesn’t come when the​ phones about to ring or I’m about to receive a message from someone I am ready to talk to.

Sadness, depression and lethargy are common bedfellows.

I don’t know about you..  but life is tiring; whether emotionally or physically it doesn’t matter. There are those who look at spiritual and mental malaise as secondary to physical predicaments​.. but why did Jesus relegate so much to the poor if they were not already royalty; as if to denote that worldly conceptions of royalty are not much to be pitied?

With much power comes much responsibility and no common Man appreciates as virtuous he who pisses away vast wealth in dissipation.

We don’t live in an age of personal responsibility because we are all victims of our PTSD. No greater assurance of never rising from the ashes than the condolence card that we are merely victims and there is nothing we can ever do about that!

“Do not forsake the assembling together for by doing so some have made a shipwreck of their faith.”

There is a backwoods Baptist sign in Alabama that many non religious and some religious people as well laugh at that says “Go to church or the devil will get you.”

The funny thing about this without talking about Pitchfork man catching you because you were away from Church on Sunday for “sick leave” is this..

Who is banding together? People are decrying all of the tension in the air right now but don’t you see that society was never meant to be a crony crew of lone wolfs?

I was going to go to Church tonight but I was too exhausted to drive (a common situation these days during the week..) and yet I thought something.. “I ‘will’ still go to Church tonight.” I decided​ to call onto hearts that resonate so sweetly attuned to the truth. I know not everyone who reads me has the same ideas about Christ but that does not mean truth is not leading and challenging our world via that still small voice. I believe Jesus was true when he said “Who ever is for us is not against us!” Listen people.

I tell you a secret..

A house divided cannot stand.

A boat is like a house for travelers.

And boats are not meant to be landlocked on sand. That is marooning and on our trek we have no time to stay here. We must keep moving!

The two houses that divided against each other must know that traitors lie in their midst and these traitors are emissaries of peace.

The two houses are under the illusion that they are in different families and yet they live under one roof and make elaborate sheet tents in separate rooms.

The house is divided.. it won’t stand.

That is unless they come out of their tents, stop listening to words from the “oracles” crush the crystal balls and meet in the family room.

Until then don’t be surprised if the boat continues sinking.

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Daily humor helps humility.

I am amazed at the way that humor can help a person merely to survive!

I will just say if I did not have a snarky inner comedian I would probably be dead right now.

Taking yourself too seriously is a recipe for destruction. When  you daily endure your own obsessions and compulsions or A.D.D rabbit can be difficult.

I am looking at life differently everyday. I am learning the power of thoughts and words.

Please do me this favor today by doing yourself a favor; Have some sense of humor. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Taking yourself too seriously, building up a wall against all criticism to your person can be a recipe for disaster.

On the other hand learning to laugh at yourself might mean you are getting where taking yourself to seriously is only ‘trying’ to get- humility.

Humble yourself today then..sometimes it is as easy as laughter.


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The Fight has Begun.

It is time for me to write. The Gospel fight compels me. I am over it…all of it.

Thank God that I am a pseudo-masochist, a glutton for punishment if you will; because if I was not then I would be dead already.

I know that I was born for a time like this. I know I was born for a reason.

I am shamelessly a propagandist. I am in danger. People like me are necessary.

All parts of every possible thing has been leaning to this time.

I want you to know a secret.. many are marching but where are we going?

It is high and time to be the change we want to see in the world.

We are all riding on a train and education is begging us to conform..but friends that is not the answer.

Communism is begging, capitalism is vying for our attention. For humanities sake do not cave. Do not bend. Be an apostle for common sense. The state of the Union is at hand. The balance of all things is at your control.

You are the authority along with the sacred voice that guides you. It is time to survive. It is time to be human again. Fear not even though your body fears. Fear not even though your soul senses turmoil. ‘BE’ or be not…that is the answer. My prayers are with you and I covet yours.

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My Make Trump Burger phase.

I made Trump a Burger. I added the extension to my Google Chrome. It made for a few laughs.  I don’t exactly remember where it was that I picked it up  online but with enough demand I will find it again and post it for your enjoyment. Essentially the extension takes all pictures of Donald Trump you find on the internet and replaces it with a picture of a juicy burger.

I removed the extension.

Don’t get me wrong, it was fun for a time but I got to thinking. 2016 was a year of losing many personal relationships. Many of them soured. Many disappeared and the idea of ‘relating’ anymore to these uninvited politicians on TV that were being beamed into my life via television or social media just tilted me to much radical apathy about the whole political system altogether. I broke up with them. We had a break up guys and it was pretty bad. It got me thinking. Of course I see nothing wrong with satire and hence I made Trump a Burger. Yes I did..

That’s all well and good of course but the hour is serious to me. I honestly don’t know a better way to say it other then this; If I disagree with the direction this country is going I want to be one who thinks more critically about whats happening ‘in it’ and not succumb to the intellectual malaise and lethargy that stems from lite jabs and (in my opinion), Trumpian below the belt insults. Satire sometimes dies quick. It might live on somehow, however trite in the collective consciousness but as something easily dismissed by every armchair philosopher of contrary opinion.

I don’t want my efforts to stand up for what I believe is right just to be glossed over permanently by a seeming inability to think critically about the here and now; nor do I want my contrariness to what is happening right now only to be dismissed as an immature lack of Right Wing Conservative indoctrination.  Like I said before, this doesn’t mean I discourage every one from making Trump a Burger if your just tired of seeing him painted all over your inter-webz news results, but as for me I don’t want to just be dismissed as a liberal, nor do I want the liberals to have that full satisfaction. Left and Right are one coin that I left in a coffer a long time ago. It’s straight ahead for this guy. I’m over my phase.



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Embracing the Struggle.

When your heart aches and your soul is broken in pieces it is often easy to comprehend the saying “The struggle is real.” I feel this at times. It is also true that as time goes by the only way to have any hope for light at the end of the tunnel is to learn to embrace the struggle.

The only way out of your purgation is to accept it. The captain is calm in the worst conditions and this is why he is a captain. He has learned to weather the worst conditions. 

I can’t tell you why your life is hell and hell knows that I don’t know why my life can be a chore but I will talk some reality with you.. I have been through some stuff.. and I didn’t think I would make it. I made it. God gave me the strength. You can make it too. 


Trickle down Gecko-nomics.

I don’t know about you but do you ever have a moment where you experience your individual nature in such a way where you are shocked by how much life shapes you and how much society becomes a stage? 

If so there is however an irony because with great autonomy comes great responsibility. Great autonomy is great power and this is why poor community college philosophy teachers are often actually happy.. and even some theologians. Existential autonomy is the power to know one is a weak cog in a wheel and not to fear it. This seems like a ‘privilege’ and in some ways is but in other ways it can be a cross or even a burden. The channeling agencies of the gifted gecko or chameleon are succinct even if he adorns a wall like a flower. He sees more than others from the wall and gathers colors, even while quiet, he hears things. Pay attention to the geckos and it will pay off. They will show you your true colors. The transaction is called Gecko-nomics. 

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Life is full of em. Swag. I want to tell you guys. It has been an interesting season. It’s getting better. It will get better. I want you to know that. Like leaves in the winter time that are holdovers from the fall. Time reminds us of times before while life is a continuum of that which is cyclical. Live, learn, love and laugh…but most importantly PRAY… It does get better.porting