Are you theory-us.

Accidentally or not many of the greatest discoveries ever to be found were like a physical Epiphany, a light turned on in the dark disguised as men looking through looking glasses or women and men dusting off bones at an archeological dig.   

  • There is no way to judge the progress of men merely by where we have come so far as far as I am concerned because in all reality theory is coming as fast as it is going. I do not thereby judge science as untrustworthy. I judge ‘sciences’ as very trustworthy.. As well as the statistical scientific testimony by common sense, normal folk. 
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Depression is Real.

I want to let you in on a secret. People dealing with depression are not necessarily less motivated. They don’t fit one ideological category.

They are not least no less than your average human being.

They have no major discernible differences in lifestyle from many others.

Many of them hold jobs, have families and many other things. People who are depressed may be hiding in your own family. They need your support. They are not that way because of drugs necessarily or some grave fault of their own. Many people are just depressed because this world is full of problems and over time the pressures both ideological and physical bare down upon them and wear them down. Many Darwinian elitists may “say big whoop…get over yourself.”.. but what then are you actually doing for your species? It was common in many cultures to carry the weak or the elderly. Sure, maybe it was common in some cultures to bury them alive but surely our time is not so barbaric!? Not all people who are depressed are suicidal but that does not mean they might not feel like they are dying inside. Please, if you know anyone who is depressed give them a hug. Give them a phone call. Stop by their house and show them you love them. We all desperately need each other. Sometimes the greatest heroes are common people with ears to listen. Lend your ears to your friends. If something seems amiss check up on people. The golden rule has not changed. You are your brothers keeper.


Work for Bitcoins!?

Why in the world would anyone want to work for Bitcoins!? Well I will tell you why! Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies following the Block-chain technology model are now being investigated by major banking organizations. But the awesome thing about Bitcoins themselves is the peer to peer economy they flourish in.

In our modern Inter-webs age Bitcoins are an awesome tool for the young entrepreneur to use in Cyberspace; either to be used as an exchange for different digital or real world projects or even to be exchanged on major shopping sites like Ebay for cold hard cash.

On average it is not unheard of for trades to be equal to double if not greater percentages than the going mint least in my humble experience. The general generous trade goal is double the mint value plus an administrative fee. With a good enough trade plan one could easily make double the mint value of whatever one invests. From this angle working for Bitcoins is an awesome plan if you find the right platform/ or the right type of job for you. There are even Bitcoin social networking sites and Bitcoin Survey sites.

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So if you saw my last post you saw how I said you could make gift cards doing what you already do.

One to seriously look at for some of the savings you can accrue by shopping online is Swagbucks.

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Get paid to listen to music!

Did you know you can get paid to listen to the Radio? Yep you can.

On FusionCash you can get paid not only to listen to the Radio but even to read comics, play Sudoku or check the local gas prices in the Paid to Click section.

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Fingerboard madness..

Well guys finger-boarding is not just a fad. Just like many other fun hobbies finger-boarding is taking off world wide. What our generation got taken away during class some lads are making a legitimate business with pro finger-boarding and getting paid for it! Check out this awesome video from fingerboard tv on Youtube!

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This is inspiration.

Sometimes it comes as a spark. Where were you all of that time?! I looked for you moment after moment with great expectation and often feeling let down. I tried so hard to find you…seemingly to no avail. Inspiration is like a train hopper.. a stereotypical crust punk hopping into town when he wishes and leaving when she wills. Inspiration is for all people men and women alike. It beckons to come take a hike on the tracks..if we like. Inspiration is sporadic and it is magical. Inspiration calls us to be a “Street Fairy”.


An Abstract Music

I was going to title this an abstract musing but I ended up titling it An Abstract Music (due to typoe) …but sometimes the mistakes are where the arts gain ‘their’ power. Their as in the muses, the artifice devices of the mind. Deep in the collective unconsciousness of man lives that spark, that very desire to connect that when frustrated causes him to cave in on his very being and to wonder what it really truly is to be. To be or not to that really the question or is the insatiable lust for man to know whether he has the right to distinguish between that which is dead or that which lives a pompous reality? Living starkly in contrast to the noetic consciousness of much of nature which is a simple being.. I, saw a star rise in my heart elevated into the darkness of space and I feared that it would become a black hole and fade into space…and though I saw all the other  beautiful stars in the heavens I knew this was one that saved my life. I made a wish upon this star that it was actually a comet and that it would circle back to meet me one day. I feared my weakness. I feared my power. I am a son of God. (Check out my friends Future Spas page on Facebook) 😉