The Universal Whisper.

In the Dark night of earth’s soul, Light breaks forth enchanting our menageries with surreal truth.

Light has broken forth into the world. “To the people that sat in darkness shone a great light.”

This Christmas Eve, in a year bordering at times with hopeless I have come to understand this scripture. With the birth of my first child during a year that quite literally feels apocalyptic she has been our mainstay of hope, a kiss of God; named to be like a feminine version of Elijah (My G-d), a sign of Emmanuel “G-d with us. ” she teaches us a whisper of what the virgin Mary must have felt as “she pondered these things in her heart. “

I’m so thankful for the blessings that have been present to my little family in this crazy and testing year.

I hope and pray that that Universal whisper that echoes into our hearts the transendence become visible, the Logos, the Word made flesh, may visit you this Christmas, in the humility of earthly circumstances and remind you that you are not alone; a Universal Whisper to ponder in our hearts.

G-d bless you this holiday season.


By dillonbroxson

Blogger, skateboarder, artist/musician, recycler, fingerboarder and pirate. Need I say more?

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