Sound Bite Inequality.

We live in a day and age within which the zeitgeist is a self elational reliance on soundbites.

With each new acceptable prejudice those who do not hold to old prejudices are condemned as if they do.

The rich are condemned by the poor (even if they follow the gospel and help the poor).

And the the poor are condemned by the rich as wasting away in the despair of self-dissipation. (even if they work hard and follow ‘conservative’ prudence)

In the end all of this is vanity.

The black condemn the white as if all the white are the same.

The white condemn the black as if all the black are the same.

This is sound-bite inequality. It is not retained through originality of thought as if it were some hip libertarian proposal (equally farcical in it’s straining to be original).

The desert of modern man is to search for a thought of his own mind or of a mind that has found itself alone yet visible.

Conversation isn’t happening because the liberals are over ‘that’.

Change isn’t happening because conservatives and libertarians like their liberties..whatever that means.

“You are all sinners!” says Christ “AND YOU CAN’T SEE IT!”

None of you are better than the other but none of you looks at his brother as better than himself.

Race causes variance because the ‘old school’s’ are skeptical of science which says that the human race is one and that ethnic variety doesn’t change the uni-vocal DNA profile.

I have mentally disowned myself from society or as St. Benedict said “I have become a stranger to worldly ways.”

“I am for peace and they are for fighting.” say’s the Prophet.

“All day long I have reached out my hands to a cantankerous and wayward people.”



By dillonbroxson

Blogger, skateboarder, artist/musician, recycler, fingerboarder and pirate. Need I say more?

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