How to survive shipwrecks.

I don’t know about you.. but sometimes life is plain hard.

It doesn’t matter what you do..

or what you don’t do. A fish on a deck can flop around alot without getting any where. “Sometimes it’s just a matter of time before we fall back into the water.”.. we say to ourselves with meager hope.

I don’t know about you… but in my life sadness doesn’t come at opportune moments. It doesn’t come when there are people around to console.

It doesn’t come when the​ phones about to ring or I’m about to receive a message from someone I am ready to talk to.

Sadness, depression and lethargy are common bedfellows.

I don’t know about you..  but life is tiring; whether emotionally or physically it doesn’t matter. There are those who look at spiritual and mental malaise as secondary to physical predicaments​.. but why did Jesus relegate so much to the poor if they were not already royalty; as if to denote that worldly conceptions of royalty are not much to be pitied?

With much power comes much responsibility and no common Man appreciates as virtuous he who pisses away vast wealth in dissipation.

We don’t live in an age of personal responsibility because we are all victims of our PTSD. No greater assurance of never rising from the ashes than the condolence card that we are merely victims and there is nothing we can ever do about that!

“Do not forsake the assembling together for by doing so some have made a shipwreck of their faith.”

There is a backwoods Baptist sign in Alabama that many non religious and some religious people as well laugh at that says “Go to church or the devil will get you.”

The funny thing about this without talking about Pitchfork man catching you because you were away from Church on Sunday for “sick leave” is this..

Who is banding together? People are decrying all of the tension in the air right now but don’t you see that society was never meant to be a crony crew of lone wolfs?

I was going to go to Church tonight but I was too exhausted to drive (a common situation these days during the week..) and yet I thought something.. “I ‘will’ still go to Church tonight.” I decided​ to call onto hearts that resonate so sweetly attuned to the truth. I know not everyone who reads me has the same ideas about Christ but that does not mean truth is not leading and challenging our world via that still small voice. I believe Jesus was true when he said “Who ever is for us is not against us!” Listen people.

I tell you a secret..

A house divided cannot stand.

A boat is like a house for travelers.

And boats are not meant to be landlocked on sand. That is marooning and on our trek we have no time to stay here. We must keep moving!

The two houses that divided against each other must know that traitors lie in their midst and these traitors are emissaries of peace.

The two houses are under the illusion that they are in different families and yet they live under one roof and make elaborate sheet tents in separate rooms.

The house is divided.. it won’t stand.

That is unless they come out of their tents, stop listening to words from the “oracles” crush the crystal balls and meet in the family room.

Until then don’t be surprised if the boat continues sinking.


By dillonbroxson

Blogger, skateboarder, artist/musician, recycler, fingerboarder and pirate. Need I say more?

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