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Daily humor helps humility.

I am amazed at the way that humor can help a person merely to survive!

I will just say if I did not have a snarky inner comedian I would probably be dead right now.

Taking yourself too seriously is a recipe for destruction. When  you daily endure your own obsessions and compulsions or A.D.D rabbit can be difficult.

I am looking at life differently everyday. I am learning the power of thoughts and words.

Please do me this favor today by doing yourself a favor; Have some sense of humor. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Taking yourself too seriously, building up a wall against all criticism to your person can be a recipe for disaster.

On the other hand learning to laugh at yourself might mean you are getting where taking yourself to seriously is only ‘trying’ to get- humility.

Humble yourself today then..sometimes it is as easy as laughter.


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