Embracing the Struggle.

When your heart aches and your soul is broken in pieces it is often easy to comprehend the saying “The struggle is real.” I feel this at times. It is also true that as time goes by the only way to have any hope for light at the end of the tunnel is to learn to embrace the struggle.

The only way out of your purgation is to accept it. The captain is calm in the worst conditions and this is why he is a captain. He has learned to weather the worst conditions. 

I can’t tell you why your life is hell and hell knows that I don’t know why my life can be a chore but I will talk some reality with you.. I have been through some stuff.. and I didn’t think I would make it. I made it. God gave me the strength. You can make it too. 


By dillonbroxson

Blogger, skateboarder, artist/musician, recycler, fingerboarder and pirate. Need I say more?

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