Work for Bitcoins!?

Why in the world would anyone want to work for Bitcoins!? Well I will tell you why! Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies following the Block-chain technology model are now being investigated by major banking organizations. But the awesome thing about Bitcoins themselves is the peer to peer economy they flourish in.

In our modern Inter-webs age Bitcoins are an awesome tool for the young entrepreneur to use in Cyberspace; either to be used as an exchange for different digital or real world projects or even to be exchanged on major shopping sites like Ebay for cold hard cash.

On average it is not unheard of for trades to be equal to double if not greater percentages than the going mint least in my humble experience. The general generous trade goal is double the mint value plus an administrative fee. With a good enough trade plan one could easily make double the mint value of whatever one invests. From this angle working for Bitcoins is an awesome plan if you find the right platform/ or the right type of job for you. There are even Bitcoin social networking sites and Bitcoin Survey sites.

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Also if you are interested in working for Bitcoins check out this sub-Reddit!

If you do not already have a Bitcoin wallet you can get one here at



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