My name is Dillon Broxson. This is my blog “Musings of a Picture Frame Conversationalist”. In it I hope to speak all sorts of thing that matter to me and to touch upon and at sometimes even withdraw from contemporary culture. A little bit about myself: I am a skateboarder, a musician, artist, and an armchair philosopher. This comes naturally for a Southern Alabama raised gentleman like myself where table talk is just about as sweet as the tea.  I am not afraid to call myself a product of my environment to an extent just as I am not afraid to say I do not necessarily fit the Alabama mold completely either. I am a Catholic for starters and the demographics are not necessarily in my favor if you know what I mean. I love conversations of philosophy and theology, ethics and psychology as well as just plain ole silly banter. I will cover all sorts of subjects both sacred and “secular” (whatever that means) in the course of this blog. This is your way of following me and seeing what on earth I am doing. Perhaps we can share a glass of tea as we journey. Pax Dominus Vobiscum.


By dillonbroxson

Blogger, skateboarder, artist/musician, recycler, fingerboarder and pirate. Need I say more?

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